Department’s Head Office


Address: Department of Technical Education

Tantrika Shikshana Bhavana , Palace Road, Bengaluru--560001

Phone : 080-22355227, Fax : 080-22261212

email id:


Officers at Head Office




Dr. E V Ramana Reddy , IAS ACS, Higher Education
Sri Pradeep P, I.A.S.

Department of Collegiate and Technical Education
Sri H U Talwar Director, Department of Technical Education


Contact details of Officers at Head Office


Name of the officer

Designation of the Officers 

Office phone number


1  Sri H U Talwar Director of Technical Education 080-22200291 080-22261212 
2  Dr. K G Chandrashekhar  Additional Director (Engineering ) 080-22204928  
3 Sri R Manjunatha Joint Director-CDC 080-22256700  
4 Sri R Manjunatha Joint Director-Development 080-22204928  
5  Sri N Ravichandran Joint Director -Exams 080-22266985  
6  Sri Sreekanth G Joint Director-Inspection
7  Sri Purushotthama Administrative Officer 080-22250656  




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