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 Order No.





VTU request to celebrate the Silver Jubilee year




Celebrating Countdown programs for International Yoga Day 2022.



Regarding raising awareness among people against substance abuse

24-02-2022 DTE NSS/17/

 Appointing Volunteers / Operators to the State Level Inter-Polytechnic National Service Program

22/02/2022 dte/nss/01/IDP/2019-20

About submitting necessary information to provide self-defense training for students

11-02-2022 dte/nss/18/vms/2017-18

Volunteer / Specialist Camp is about assigning a volunteer / maid / activist to the National Service Program Camp.

10-02-2022 DTE/NSS/18/VMS/2017-18

Depute NSS officers / volunteers for camp

01-02-2022 DTE/NSS/10/IDP/2019-20

About Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Ideal and Value Conducting various programs from February 2022 to January 2023 (year-round)

29-01-2022 DTE/NSS/01/IDP/2019-20 About promoting and downloading Fit India mobile app message    View  

DTE NSS/Activities/02/2019-20

Deputation for Life skills program

 21-01-2022  DTE NSS ACTIVITIES/02/2019-20

2021--22 Project awards 


National Voter's Day


About participating in the Surya Namaskara Yoga Program via Virtual on 14-01-2022


State NSS Directory on Creating NEWS LETTER as part of the 75th Independence Day Celebration


Report on Disallowed expensesd


Prevention of Spread of COVID-19 under NSS 

31-12-2021 DTE NSS 01/2021

Maintaince of NSS Self Financed Unit

31-12-2021 DTE NSS ACTIVITIES/02/2019-20

Vaccination drive for children between 15 and  18 

31-12-2021   DTE NSS ACTIVITIES/02/2019-20

Questionaire to form Karnataka Yuve Neeti-2021

30-12-2021 DTE NSS IDP 01 2019-20

celebrate youth sapthaha from January 12 to 18

22-12-2021 DTE NSS 01 IDP 2019-20

Publicity of the Fundamental Duties of the Constitution of India as part of the Independence Day Celebration 

30-11-2021 DTE NSS 04 Daily expenses 2021-22
Release of grants for a second list for daily activities for 2021-22
26-11-2021 DTE NSS 04 Special camp Release of grants for Special camp for second list for 2021-22   View
20-11-2021 DTE NSS 04 Special camp Release of grants for Special camp for first list for 2021-22    View
    National integrity week   View  
    Constitution day   View  
16-11-2021 DTYE NSS 04 Daily expenses 2021-22     View

Redistribution of Volunteers and release of  budget

09-11-2021 DTE NSS 01 IDP 2019-20

Voluntary Blood donation camp


National Voter's Day


 Volunteers for campaigning for Karnataka Cultural Festival


Enlightenment on the Government plans and Laws on the occasion of platinum jubilee celebration


Celebration of Karnataka rajyostsava


Self defence skills training for Women


National unity Day is celebrated on  31-10-2021  the occasion of Sardar Vallabai patel birth Annivaersary


     On the Clean India Campaign as part of the Independence Day Celebration of Independence   View
03-09-2021 DTE NSS/Activities/02/2019-20 Preparation of Lord Ganesha Idol in Turmeric   View
03-09-2021 DTE NSS/Activities/02/2019-20 Deputation for Life skills program   View
03-08-2021 DTE NSS 01 IDP 2019-21 Celebration of "svaatamtrya amruta mahotsava bhaarata"   View
06-07-2021 DTE/NSS/Activities/02/2019-20

About recruiting nodal officers for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

17-06-2021 DTE/NSS/02/Awards/2017-18 About sending proposals to the NSS National and State Award for 2020-21   11 View
12-03-2021 DTE NSS Activities 02 2019-21
On the celebration of the Amrita Jubilee celebration of Independent India
23-02-2021 DTE ADMIoNSS/3/2020
Tabacco Free Educational  Institution
23-11-2020 DTE/NSS/1/IDP/2019-20 Celebrating Constitution day on 26th November   View
17-11-2020 DTE/INS/01/IDP/2019-20 National Integrity week from 19-11-2020 to 25-11-2020  0.8 View
17-11-2020 DTE/INS/Awards/2019-20

Proposals invited for NSS National and State Awards for 2019-20 

10 View
22-10-2020 DTE/NSS/01/IDP/19-20 Vigilance Awareness week   View
30-07-2020 DTE-ADMI0NSS/3/2020 Celebrate Sadbhaavana day on August 20th. 0.1 View
29-07-2020 DTE-ADMI0NSS/1/2020 Essay Writing for My vote Matters 2.9 View
 17-06-2020 DTE/NSS /01/IDP/2019-20 Celebration of International Yoga Day  0.24 View
04-03-2020 DTE /NSS /Activities/2019-20 Awareness on Corona Virus  0.05 View 
24-02-2020 DTE/NSS/Activities/2019-20 Send proposals for NSS officers / volunteers for NSS Awards for 2019-20  0.09 View
15-02-2020 DTE /NSS /03//ವಿ..ಶಿ /2019-20 Grant release for NSS special camp  0.09 View
17-02-2020 DTE /NSS/18//ವಿ.ಮ.ಶಿ /2017-18 Depute NSS officers / volunteers for camp  0.6 View
11-02-2020 DTE /NSS /11/ಸ್ವ ಸೇ ಹಂಚಿಕೆ /2017-18 NSS grants release for 2019-20  0.8 View
06-02-2020 DTE /NSS /01/ IDP /2019-20 National De-worming Day  0.7 View
23-01-2020 DTE /NSS /07/ಇ .ಕಾ /2017-18 To keep Dr.Ambedkar's photo on republic day celebration  0.28 View
20-01-2020 DTE/NSS /14/Award /2012-13 NSS awards at departmental level  0.28 View
09-01-2020 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 To inaguarate youth empowerment centre on Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi  0.28 View
26-12-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 To Make Karnataka Ragging free state  0.39 View
17-12-2019 DTE /NSS /01 /SP. grants/2019-20 Budget release for special camps for 2019-20  0.68 View
20-11-2019 DTE /NSS /01 /IDP/2019-20 Blood donation camps through NSS  0.25 View
20-11-2019 DTE /NSS /01 /IDP/2019-20 Celebrate Constitution Day on 26-11-2019 and Dr. B R Ambedkar Jayanthi on April 14th 8.494 View
20-11-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 Submit NSS daily activities/special camp acount details for 2018-19 1.071 View
14-10-2019 DTE /NSS /13/IDP/2019-20 Fit India Abhiyan  0.25 View
01-10-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2018-19 NSS Golden Jubilee celebration  0.56 View
24-09-2019 DTE /NSS /01/ IDP /2019-20 Submit information on Electoral Literacy club activities  0.78 View
11-09-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/ IDP /2019-20 National Sadbhavana Day on August 20th   0.36 View 
12-09-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 National seminar for NSS Golden Jubilee celebration  0.39 View
09-09-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP /2019-20 Water conservation Abhiyan  0.23 View
26-08-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 Workshop for NSS officers  0.18 View
23-08-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 To open Elector Literacy clubs in all the colleges / Instittutions  0.45 View
17-08-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 Send articals for NSS Golden Jubilee magazine  0.35 View
13-08-2019 DTE/NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Oath on Swachha Pakwada   0.18 View 
07-08-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Elector Literacy clubs in all the polytechnics  0.56 View
03-08-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Enroll students for Swachha Barath Intership (2.0)  0.35 View
31-07-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Celebrate International Yoga Day  0.67 View
    Submit Information on NSS volunteers  0.86 View
29-07-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities/02/2019-20 International Tobacco free day on 31-05-2019  0.12 View
26-07-2019 DTE /NSS  /04/IDP/2017-18 Officers selected for National level award for 2018-19  0.35 View
17-07-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 Submit proposals for award for 2018-19 to NSS oficers/ Volunteers  0.34 View
29-06-2019 DTE /NSS/02/ SBIS/2018-19 Non PFMS units as SFU  0.25 View
10-06-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Anti terrorism Day on 21-05-2019  0.18 View
10-06-2019 DTE/NSS /03/pra,ka /2017-18 Submit proposals for State /National NSS award for 2018-19  0.25 View
29-05-2019 DTE/NSS /Activities/05/2019-20 NSS fund and volunteers distribution for special camps  0.35 View
04-04-2019 DTE /NSS /14/e-awards/2012-13 Depute NSS volunteers for Essay /poster writing competition  0.23 View
04-04-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /05/2019-20 Training on Elector Literacy camp-Urgent  0.15 View
20-05-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /02/2019-20 Formation and activities of Electoral Literacy clubs -Urgent  0.35 View
20-05-2019 DTE /NSS  /01/IDP/2019-20 Young voters registration Reminder 2  0.15 View
24-04-2019 DTE /NSS /02 awaed /2017-18 Formation of Electoral Literacy clubs  0.25 View
12-03-2019 DTE /NSS /11 NS Hancike /2017-18 Depute NSS officers / volunteers for special camp  0.85 View
14-02-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /2017-18 Buy Gandhi Charaka  0.65 View
02-02-2019 DTE /NSS /Activities /2017-18 Participate in National de worming day   0.35 View
30-01-2019 DTE /NSS  /05/IDP /2017-18 Depute NSS officers / volunteers for Special camp  0.35 View
29-01-2019 DTE/NSS /Activities /2017-18 Young voters registration  0.13 View
28-01-2019 DTE /NSS /18/ A Ma.Shi /2017-18 Martyers Day  0.12 View
28-01-2019 DTE /NSS  /05/IDP /2017-18 Environmental training  0.12 View

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