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NBA-polytechnic Circulars

DTE Order No.
Subject Size View
08-11-2021 DTE 03 CDC(1) 2019-20 NBA for diploma programs for the year 2021-22   View
08-07-2021 DTE-03CDC(1) 2019-20 Time table NBA document verification from 27-07-2021 for polytechnics  0.6 View
05-06-2021 DTE 03 CDC(1) 2019-20 Time table for NBA-Criteria 5 document verification from 16-06-2021 in polytechnics 1.3 View
03-06-2021 DTE 03 CDC(1) 2019-20 NBA accreditation in polytechnics for Diploma programs in 2021-22 5.3 View
11-05-2021 DTE 03 CDC(1) 2019-20 Information on NBA Accreditatation to the selected programs in polytechnics in 2021-22 1.8 View
08-01-18 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 Report on progress made for NBA accreditation    View
16-09-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 NBA team visit to LVP Hassan   View
01-04-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 NBA team visit to CPC Mysore   View
    NBA scorecard format to polytechnics   View
22-06-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 District wise handling of NBA activities    View
11-04-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18/74 Submit SAR information   View
28-03-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 Workshop on MHRD/AICTE schemes at BVVS polytechnic, Bagalkote   View
22-03-17 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Depute officers for NBA workshop at PDA Engineering College, Kalaburgi   View
03-01-17 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15/4084 Submission of Application for NBA Accreditation   View
05-12-16 DTE/35/LRDC/LRDC/2014-15 NBA team visit to institutions   View
29-11-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 First phase grant release to Govt. polytechnics selected for NBA program   View
    JSS Polytechnic Acreditation   View
13-10-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA Inspection by state team   View
13-10-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA workshop at JSS women's Polytechnic, Mysore   View
28-09-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA state level team visit to institutes   View
14-09-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA-Submission of finance details to AICTE   View
30-08-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Submission of Progress report on NBA Accreditation by first phase selected programs   View
27-07-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Attend NBA workshop at BMSCE,Bangalore   View
18-07-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 3 days NBA workshop at BMSCE,Bangalore   View
18-07-16 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Phase -I selection of programs for NBA   View
13-07-16 DTE 35 LRDC NBA 2014-15 NBA Selection of Programs Phase-I   View
    STTP on OBE and NBA at BVVS,Bagalkot   View
27-06-16 DTE02 DVP(1) 2016 Permission for GPT to use registration amount of NBA towards program fee   View
22-06-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA-Notice   View
    Pre-Qualifier-NBA   View 
28-05-2016 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 SAR Submission   View
11-05-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Submit SAR   View
03-05-16 DTE/35/LRDC/2014-15 Inclusion of members for NBA committee in Govt.Engineering colleges.   View
22-04-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Date extended for SAR submission   View
30-03-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 NBA workshop at GPT,Gajendragad   View
11-03-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 One day workshop on NBA Accreditation at VETBVL polytechnic,Bangalore   View
16-02-16 DTE 02 DVP(1) 2015 NBA Registration new Order   View
29-02-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15/6846 Submission date extended for Self assessment report for programmes   View
    New SAR for accreditation   View
25-1-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 SAR for programmes to be accreditated.   View
25-1-16 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Information on Accreditation fees   View
    Letter to polytechnics to send SAR   View
    Introductory talk on Acreditation   View
    Institutes listed for Acreditation   View
    NBA Orientation Workshop PPT2   View
    NBA Orientation Workshop PPT1   View
04-01-16 DTE 35 LRDC NBA 2014-15 NBA Workshop Amendment order   View
01-01-16 DTE 35 LRDC NBA 2014-15 NBA Workshops   View
16-12-15 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15/2992 Preparation for NBA   View
30-11-15   Revised fees for Accreditation by NBA   View
16-11-2015 DTE/35/LRDC/2014-15/2599 Preparations for NBA Accreditation (Illustrated Self Assessment Report) Illustrated SAR   View
23-07-15 DTE 35 LRDC 2014-15 Accreditation Committee   View


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