dtek Order No.
Subject  Size
10-01-2020 dtek/15/INS(3)/2020 Result Analysis of Oct /Nov 2019diploma exams  0.1 View
15-12-2018 dtek/14/INS(3)/2018 Appointment of kannadigas in private institutions as per Dr.Sarojini Mahishi report  0.23 View
23-03-2017 dtek/23/INS(3)/2016 All institutions to provide Biometric Attendance  0.74 View
    C-15 Academic Inspection Formats Annexures 1,2, 3 and 4   View
20-02-2017 dtek/25/INS(3)/2016/4690 Actions to be taken in all Polytechnics to improve Results  0.19 View
06-10-2016 dtek/09/INS(3)/2016/1943 Prepare for Academic and administrative inspection   View

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