dtek Order No.
Subject  Size(in MBs)
20-03-2019  DTE 55 ACM (1) /2019-20 Submit information on forign students  0.3  View
13-03-2020 DTE 53 ACM(1)/2019-20 NEET (UG) exam for 2020 0.3 View
29-02-2020 dtek/455/ACM(2)/2019-20 To implement Helpline for students in Govt / Aided Polytechnics   9.1 View
10-02-2020 dtek/49ACM(1)/2019-20 Council of Architecture rules to follow as per Hon'ble Supreme court judgement   2.3 View
10-02-2020 dtek/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Submit information on students scholarship for 2019-20   0.1 View
21-01-2020 dtek/14/ACM(2)/2019-20 Visit of DCM and Minister for Higher Education to the Institutes   0.6 View
07-01-2020 dtek/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Submit Bank details for SC/ST /BCM  students for 2019-20 scholarships   0.7 View
02-01-2020 dtek/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Students to Submit information through SSP portal for scholarships   0.2 View
01-01-2020 dtek/426/ACM(2)/2019-20 Last date for admission to 03 and 05 semester in Govt/ Aided (evening) polytechnics   0.7 View
30-12-2019 dtek/09/SCh(1)/2019-20 Send bank details for SC/ ST scholarships 2019-20   0.1 View
11-12-2019 dtek/393/ACM(2)/2019-20 Application format for ITI/II PUC students to Evening Polytechnics    1.8 View
11-12-2019 dtek/393/ACM(2)/2019-20 Admission notification to  ITI/II PUC candidates for private evening polytechnics   3.1 View
02-12-2019 dtek/390/ACM(2)/2019-20 Admission notification to  ITI/II PUC candidates for Govt/Aided evening polytechnics  6.4 View
    Students Helpline Numbers   0.03 View
02-11-2019 dtek/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 Nomination of E-Attestation Officer in all the polytechnics  0.2 View
02-11-2019 dtek/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 2019-20 Post-Metric state scholarship portal for SC/ST fee re-imbursement and defence scholarship  0.4 View 
23-10-2019 dtek/38/ACM (1)/2019-20 To refund the fee amount for students of farmers who have committed suicide in the year 2019-20 studying in Engineering and Polytechnics  0.3 View
19-10-2019 dtek/02/SCH(1)/2019-20 Student scholarship portal for SC/ST /Defence students  8.3 View
19-10-2019 dtek/02/SCH(1)/2019-20 Scholarships and free education to special children studying in engineering colleges / polytechnics  0.1 View 
16-10-2019 dtek/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 All polytechnics to register in AISHE  0.1 View
09-10-2019 dtek/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 Register the colleges / Institutions in NSP Portal  0.3 View
10-10-2019 dtek/15/ACM(2)/2019-20 Submit information on remitting admission fees to Khajane  0.2 View
03-09-2019 dtek/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 Register Institutions in SSP portal  2.3 View 
    Application invited for Vishwakarma Award for 2019-20  0.2 View
    Apply for Pragati and Saksham scholarships for 2019-20  1.2 View
31-08-2019   Filling of left out Engineering seats in GECs  0.2 View 
27-08-2019 dtek/15/ACM(2)/2018-19 Submit information on fees remitted to khajane from nodal centers  0.3 View
26-08-2019 dtek/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Enter details of students admitted in 2019-20 in Govt / Aided/ Private polytechnics  0.3 View 
26-08-2019 dtek/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Remit diploma application fees to KEA  0.3 View 
23-08-2019 dtek/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Submit details on admissions done in aided polytechnics  0.4 View 
14-08-2019   To solve the problems of flood affected areas students  0.1 View 
    To fill vccant seats after last round in GECs  0.1 View 
02-08-2019 dtek/10/SCH(1)/2019-20 Appoint e-Attestation officer in Engineering / University /polytechnics to implement e-attestation officers  0.2 View 
09-07-2019 dtek/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Download list of candidates list admitted in 2019-20  0.3 View
02-07-2019 dtek/12/ACM(2)/2019-20 Teachers Day flag fund for 2019-20  0.2 View
28-06-2019 dtek/16/ACM(2)/2019-20 Seat matrix for lateral entry diploma admissions in 2019-20  0.1 View
07-06-2019 dtek/08/ACM(2)/2019 Tentative calender of Events for 2019-20  0.3 View 
07-06-2019 dtek/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Fee details for candidates admitted to diploma courses in 2019-20  0.2 View
    Last date for submission of applications for Diploma admission extended upto 30th May  0.2 View
    Changes in Asst Nodal Officer for KEA nodal Centres  0.3 View
14-05-2019 dtek/09/ACM(2)/2019-20 Diploma Coursewise intake in 2019-20  0.7 View


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