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02-03-2021 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/69/2021
Tentative Diploma calender of Events for  the year  2020-21 
0.9  View
Application are invited by students studying in state engineering and polytechnic colleges to reimburse the fees paid by the children of farmers who committed suicide during a famine in the state
16-02-2021 DTE-ADMi0/SCH/3/2021 Application for Reimbursement of Fees for Scheduled Castes / Tribes and Online Scholarship Software for Post-Matric 2020-21  

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25-01-2021 DTE ADMI0SCH2/1/2021

Scholarship for students whose parents are suffering from HIV/Liprosy for the academic year2020-21

19-12-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/33/2020 Admission approval for Govt/Aided polytechnics in 2020-21 4.7 View
19-12-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/36/2020 Admission approval for private polytechnics in 2020-21 4.5 View
19-12-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/12/2020

Post Diploma course period -Corrigendum

0.4 View
    Not filling out the details of fees paid by the SC and ST students of Polytechnics for the year  2019-20   View
    Action by Principal for Deputing Lecturers for Document Verification for lateral entry admissions to BE, MBA, MBA, MCA and M.Ed. M.Tech, Engineering Courses   View
    Deputing Lecturers for Document Verification for lateral entry admissions to BE, MBA, MBA, MCA and M.Ed. M.Tech, Engineering Courses   View
29-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM(2)/2020 Admission to Diploma 3 rd and 5 th semester extended for 2020-21  0.2 View
29-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM(2)/2020 Admission to Diploma 1st and 3 rd semester (Lateral Entry) extended for 2020-21  0,5 View
20-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM(2)/2020

Date extention for admission to post diploma courses for 2020-21

0.1 View
20-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM(2)/2020

Date extention for admission to 1 semester in private polytechnics for 2020-21

0.1 View
20-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM(2)/2020

Date extention for Lateral entry admission in private polytechnics for 2020-21

0.1 View
12-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/2020

Date extended for Admission to Diploma 3rd and 5th semester for 2020-21 

0.7 View
09-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0SCH2/2020

Responsibilities of Institutions in applying PRAGATI and SAKSHAM scholarships to 1 year and 2 nd year(lateral entry) Engineering and polytechnic students  for 2020-21 

0.5 View
08-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/27/2020 Admission/tranfer/readmission details for 3 and 5 th semester in private polytechnics for 2020-21  2.0 View
08-10-2020  DTE-ADMI0ACM2/26/2020  Admission/tranfer/readmission details for 3 and 5 th semester in Govt/Aided polytechnics for 2020-21  2.0 View
08-10-2020  DTE-ADMI0ACM2/8/2020  date extented for admission to 1 year diploma for 2020-21  0.7 View
06-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM1/8/2020 Deputing lecturers for document verification of online admission to professional courses 2020-21 0.19 View
03-10-2020  DTE-ADMI0ACM2/12/2020 Extension of last date for Post Diploma Admissions 2020-21 0.13 View
03-10-2020  DTE-ADMI0ACM2/15/2020 Extension of last date for Diploma Admission 2020-21 in Private Polytechnics 0.08 View
24-09-2020 DTE 04 ACM(1)/2020 All Engg and Polytechnics colleges shall update the students details in AICTE portal  0.06 View
22-09-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/2020 Vaccant seats information of 2019-20 for admission to lateral entry students in 2020-21  0.5 View
24-09-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/2020 On 2020-21 NEET/JEE/NCHM JEE exams   0.4 View
24-09-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/2020 Admission notification for lateral entry in private polytechnics 2020-21 3.5 View
25-09-2020 DTE 51 DVP (2) 2020 NOC for change of address GPT Turuvekere 0.1 View


Information PRAGATI and SAKSHAM scholarships to students for 2020-21 

9.0 View


Admission Notification to  Diploma Courses for 2020-21in Govt/Aided Polytechnics

5.0 View


Admission Notification to Diploma Courses for 2020-21 in Private Evening polytechnics 

4.5 View


Admission Notification to Post Diploma Courses for 2020-21

2.1 View
01-09-2020 DTE /01/ACM(2) /2020-21 All private polytechnics to Submit information on Diploma Admissions 2020-21   0.6 View
 28-08-2020   Procedure for Eligibility Certificate for SSLC / equivalent non karnataka candidates -Admission in private polytechnics   0.5 View
28-08-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/15/2020 Admission notification for Diploma courses in private polytechnics  for 2020-21 7.0 View
19-08-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/8/2020 Diploma admission course wise Intake and seat matrix  for 2020-21 6.0 View
07-08-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/11/2020 Circular on Admission to Govt/Private JTS for 2020-21 0.56 View
04-08-2020 DTE-ADMI0ACM2/10/2020 Surrender of seats in private polytechnics to government 2.2 View
30-07-2020 DTE/01/ACM(2)/2020-21 Official order for Online Non-Interactive Diploma admissions 2020-21 in Govt/Aided/Private (surrendered seats) polytechnics   2.5 View
29-07-2020 DTE/01/ACM(2)/2020-21 Coursewise Intake details of polytechnics for the year 2020-21 Diploma admission  0.98 View
20-03-2019 DTE 55 ACM (1) /2019-20 Submit information on forign students  0.3  View
13-03-2020 DTE 53 ACM(1)/2019-20 NEET (UG) exam for 2020 0.3 View
29-02-2020 DTE/455/ACM(2)/2019-20 To implement Helpline for students in Govt / Aided Polytechnics   9.1 View
10-02-2020 DTE/49ACM(1)/2019-20 Council of Architecture rules to follow as per Hon'ble Supreme court judgement   2.3 View
10-02-2020 DTE/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Submit information on students scholarship for 2019-20   0.1 View
21-01-2020 DTE/14/ACM(2)/2019-20 Visit of DCM and Minister for Higher Education to the Institutes   0.6 View
07-01-2020 DTE/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Submit Bank details for SC/ST /BCM  students for 2019-20 scholarships   0.7 View
02-01-2020 DTE/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Students to Submit information through SSP portal for scholarships   0.2 View
01-01-2020 DTE/426/ACM(2)/2019-20 Last date for admission to 03 and 05 semester in Govt/ Aided (evening) polytechnics   0.7 View
30-12-2019 DTE/09/SCh(1)/2019-20 Send bank details for SC/ ST scholarships 2019-20   0.1 View
11-12-2019 DTE/393/ACM(2)/2019-20 Application format for ITI/II PUC students to Evening Polytechnics    1.8 View
11-12-2019 DTE/393/ACM(2)/2019-20 Admission notification to  ITI/II PUC candidates for private evening polytechnics   3.1 View
02-12-2019 DTE/390/ACM(2)/2019-20 Admission notification to  ITI/II PUC candidates for Govt/Aided evening polytechnics  6.4 View
    Students Helpline Numbers   0.03 View
02-11-2019 DTE/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 Nomination of E-Attestation Officer in all the polytechnics  0.2 View
02-11-2019 DTE/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 2019-20 Post-Metric state scholarship portal for SC/ST fee re-imbursement and defence scholarship  0.4 View 
23-10-2019 DTE/38/ACM (1)/2019-20 To refund the fee amount for students of farmers who have committed suicide in the year 2019-20 studying in Engineering and Polytechnics  0.3 View
19-10-2019 DTE/02/SCH(1)/2019-20 Student scholarship portal for SC/ST /Defence students  8.3 View
19-10-2019 DTE/02/SCH(1)/2019-20 Scholarships and free education to special children studying in engineering colleges / polytechnics  0.1 View 
16-10-2019 DTE/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 All polytechnics to register in AISHE  0.1 View
09-10-2019 DTE/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 Register the colleges / Institutions in NSP Portal  0.3 View
10-10-2019 DTE/15/ACM(2)/2019-20 Submit information on remitting admission fees to Khajane  0.2 View
03-09-2019 DTE/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 Register Institutions in SSP portal  2.3 View 
    Application invited for Vishwakarma Award for 2019-20  0.2 View
    Apply for Pragati and Saksham scholarships for 2019-20  1.2 View
31-08-2019   Filling of left out Engineering seats in GECs  0.2 View
27-08-2019 DTE/15/ACM(2)/2018-19 Submit information on fees remitted to khajane from nodal centers  0.3 View
26-08-2019 DTE/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Enter details of students admitted in 2019-20 in Govt / Aided/ Private polytechnics  0.3 View
26-08-2019 DTE/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Remit diploma application fees to KEA  0.3 View
23-08-2019 DTE/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Submit details on admissions done in aided polytechnics  0.4 View 
14-08-2019   To solve the problems of flood affected areas students  0.1 View 
    To fill vacant seats after last round in GECs  0.1 View 
02-08-2019 DTE/10/SCH(1)/2019-20 Appoint e-Attestation officer in Engineering / University /polytechnics to implement e-attestation officers  0.2 View 
09-07-2019 DTE/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Download list of candidates list admitted in 2019-20  0.3 View
02-07-2019 DTE/12/ACM(2)/2019-20 Teachers Day flag fund for 2019-20  0.2 View
28-06-2019 DTE/16/ACM(2)/2019-20 Seat matrix for lateral entry diploma admissions in 2019-20  0.1 View
07-06-2019 DTE/08/ACM(2)/2019 Tentative calender of Events for 2019-20  0.3 View 
07-06-2019 DTE/472/ACM(2)/2018-19 Fee details for candidates admitted to diploma courses in 2019-20  0.2 View
    Last date for submission of applications for Diploma admission extended upto 30th May  0.2 View
    Changes in Asst Nodal Officer for KEA nodal Centres  0.3 View
14-05-2019 DTE/09/ACM(2)/2019-20 Diploma Coursewise intake in 2019-20  0.7 View


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