ACM- Engineering

 Order No.
Subject  Size
21-11-2020 DTE-ACM0ACM(1) 15 2020

GECs to Submit details of leftover seats of 2019-20 for lateral entry admission in 2020-21 

0.1 View
09-10-2020 DTE-ADMI0SCH2/2020

Responsibilities of Institutions in applying PRAGATI and SAKSHAM scholarships to 1  and 2 nd year(lateral entry) Engineering and polytechnic students  for 2020-21

0.5 View
 01-10-2020  ED 150 TEC 2020 Draft Engineering Seat Matrix 0.8 View
24-09-2020 DTE 04 ACM(1)/2020 All Engg and Polytechnics colleges shall update the students details in AICTE portal  0.06 View
22-09-2020 DTE-ADMI0SCH2/3/2020 Information on applying AICTE PRAGATI and SAKSHAM  scholarship for Engineering students for 2020-21  9.0 View
11-08-2020 ED 83 TEC 2015 Single CET and centralised counselling for admission to professional courses 3.5 View
10-02-2020 DTE/09/Sch(1)/2019-20 Submit information of students applied for scholarship  through SSP portal in 2019-20  0.24 View
29-02-2020 DTE/455/ACM(2)/2019-20 Instal helpline in Govt/Aided/Private Engineering colleges /polytechnics  0.07 View
17-02-2020 DTE/49 ACM(1)/2019-20 Rules to be followed in Council of Architecture by Hon'ble Supreme court judgement  0.8 View
10-02-20 DTE/09/Sch(1)/2019-20  Submit information of students applied for scholarship  in 2019-20  0.24 View
07-01-2020 DTE/09/ SCH(1)/2019-20 Submit the application details of students applied for scholarship in SSP in GECS and GPTs  0.24 View
02-01-2020 DTE/09/ SCH(1)/2019-20 Polytechnic /Engineering students to apply for scholarship for 2019-20 in SSP portal  0.24 View
03-12-2019 DTE 09 SCH(1) 2019-20 Date postponed to apply for scholarship in SSP portal for 2019-20  0.25 View
    Information to principals on SSP  1.65 View
    Information to students and e-Attestation officers on SSP  0.47 View
02-11-2019 DTE/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 Post-Metric state scholarship portal for SC/ST fee re-imbursement and defence scholarship  2.8 View
02-11-2019 DTE/10/SCH (1)/2019-20 Post-Metric state scholarship portal for SC/ST fee re-imbursement and defence scholarship  2.8 View
23-10-2019 DTE/38/ACM (1)/2019-20 Scholarship for 2019-20 to childrens studying in Engineering/ polytechnics of farmers who committed suicide  0.93 View
    SSP portal for SC/ST /Defence students  3.4 View
19-10-2019 DTE/02/SCH(1)/2019-20 Scholarship /free education to special category students studying in Engineering /Polytechnics  0.44 View
09-10-2019 DTE/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 NSP portal to register for scholarship to minority students  0.48 View
03-09-2019 DTE/09/SCH(1)/2019-20 To register institutions in SSP  3.2 View
    Apply for Vishwakarma award in 2019-20  0.32 View
    Apply for Pragati and Saksham scholarship for 2019-20  0.29 View
    Apply Steps to for Pragati and Saksham scholarship for 2019  0.18 View
02-08-2019 DTE/10/SCH(1)/2019-20 Nominate e-attestation officer for SSP -Very Urgent  0.18 View
15-07-2019 DTE/10/SCH(1)/2019-20 Appoint e-Attestation officers to verify students documents  0.12 View
14-05-2019 DTE/09/ACM(2)/2019-20 Distribution of BMTC bus passes to students for 2019-20  8.8 View
26-03-2019 ED 211 TEC 2018(ಭಾ) Circular on Engineering seats distribution  2.1 View
11-03-2019 DTE/06/ACM(1) 2017-18 2019-20Extension of minority status to engineering colleges for 2018-19 and 2019-20  3.7 View
07-03-2019   Council of Architecture 2019-20 notification for PUC and Diploma Arch students  2.8 View
28-01-2019 DTE/224/ACM(1) 2018-19 Submit details of SC/ST students studying in Engineering /polytechnics from 2013-14 to 2017-18 2017-19-Very urgent  0.72 View

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